Welcome to Astronware. A Software Studio focused on building wonderful software products for everyone. I'm Marcelo Arias, a software engineer, and the founder of Astronware.

I've been creating apps and tools for more than 8 years. I've worked as a freelancer and as a full-time engineer for different companies. I've created Arte de programar, an initiative to teach computer science with motion graphics and animations. And I've also created apps like ScannerCam, Dreamify or LaunchPlugins. So I'm very familiar with the process of creating a product from the ground up, but with Astronware it's my first time creating and scaling products. That's why I decided to create Astronware.

Astronware is the place where I can bring my ideas to life in a way that I couldn't achieve on my own just as an independent developer.

I want to create products that are useful, beautiful, and that make people's lives easier. Or at least, more fun.

Marcelo Arias